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Skintura is the best kept secret to anti-aging care and the maintenance of a firm, smooth and glowing skin. Your dedicated beauty brand was created in 2018 with the purpose of introducing a safer and effective way to improve the condition of the skin on the face and body. Incorporating advanced sound wave technology, Skintura offers spa-grade, convenient and comfortable ways to achieve the supple and glowing skin you have always dreamed of.

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Skintura Introduces Valuable and High-Quality Ultrasonic Skincare

Ultrasonic skincare has become increasingly popular owing to its incredible range of beauty benefits. As a safer alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures, Skintura presents age-defying and contouring devices to rejuvenate and restore your skin’s condition. Ultrasonic and LED beautifying applications to provide skin firming and rejuvenating benefits for facial and body areas. The technology is also an incredible contouring and firming option for post liposuction patients seeking to maintain their results.

Unlike Spa's and the pricey costs per technological treatment, invest in your Skintura skincare device once-off and forget about the exorbitant costs of spa visits.

For those looking to reduce fatty tissue, Skintura is the solution. Conventional ultrasonic massage may take 8 to 15 sessions at 30 minutes each session before any results are noticed. With reliance on your Skintura body contouring device, you can save on the costs of your ultrasonic massage with the convenience of its application in the very comfort of your home. Use your Skintura wherever and whenever to achieve and maintain your youthful glow.

Our Story

We have always had a passion for beauty and skincare. Having assisted many friends, family members and colleagues with their pressing beauty needs, we became fascinated by ultrasonic technology and what it could do to turn back the clock on aging.

We were also aware of the many extreme and costly steps that women would take to get rid of aged and tired-looking skin. We felt the need to find safer more valuable and affordable solutions to prevent and improve the common skin problems of sagging, fine lines and a lack of contour that compromised that desired youthful glow.

We soon discovered how sound waves and light technology could produce the greatest changes in the appearance and condition of the skin. From skin firming and anti-wrinkle applications to serving as a post-op skincare device, the features of ultrasonic and light technology ticked all the right boxes.

Our journey to develop Skintura soon began as we wished to make these revolutionary ultrasonic skincare devices accessible to those interested in simple, effective and safe skincare. We fell in love with the enhancement tool that meant smoother beautiful results for the face and body.

To date, Skintura has established itself as a trusted provider of innovative ultrasonic and light therapy skincare. Our goal is to continue to provide every customer with the best skin firming and contouring devices with age-defying, skin smoothing, and beautifying results.

- Stephanie Vent (co-founder)